Doug Motel's Mind Salad
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Hosted by comedy writer and actor Doug Motel, Mind Salad is food for thought with important topics covered by clueless characters.

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    Episode #5: Love vs Fear

    Doug Motel interviews "Mr. Fears" author of THE POWER OF FEAR and TEACHING SHAME AND GUILT: A PARENT'S GUIDE. His other in-studio guest was "Miss Cheryl Lee" who claims to be an Angel sent to earth in the body of a 6'4" drag queen. Callin guest was "Victor", a busboy at Brew & Burger in New York's Pennsylvania Station. The conversation turned frightening as they discussed the concept of Love versus Fear. Enjoy this scary Halloween episode.

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    Episode #4: What Price Fame?

    Does fame make you happy? If so at what cost? Doug's guests are movie star Ian Martin ("Captain Britain"), triple threat (actor/singer/dancer) Chauncey Chase Kerr and paparazzo Luigi. A rollicking exploration of the topic of fame.

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    Episode #3: Can Music Heal?

    Can music heal us? Can we find connection in a world full of disconnect? Doug's guests are the Scottish musician Donal MacLeish and Mr. Martin Bauer who suffers from a very rare disorder called Cognital Disiungitur Musica (or CDM).

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    Episode #2: What Is Success?

    In this episode, host Doug Motel tries to explore how to measure success with his guests Bobby Speed, Millionaire entrepreneur and creator of the Success Blueprint, cannabis sommelier Obi Wan and 118-year-old Harry Smythe. 9-year-old entrepreneur Jason Kleinhoffer is the call-in guest.

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    Episode #1: What is Reality?

    In the premiere episode of Doug Motel's Mind Salad, Doug's guests share their insights into the nature of reality. Hear from Physics Professor Dr. Benezet, Flat-earther Jim Pickens, New Jersey call-in guest Joan and Non-Duality teacher Sascha Telar discuss What Is Reality? until something expected and dangerous happens in the studio.